Who is MII Management Group, Inc. (“MIIMG”)?

MII Management Group, Inc., (“MIIMG”) was founded in late 2000 to manage the operations of MutualAid eXchange (“MAX”), a Midwest-based reciprocal insurance company that began operations in 2001.  MIIMG’s primary activities in the early years of MAX’s existence was to establish a professional insurance team and company operations across multiple Midwest and Mid-Atlantic states, as well as five Canadian provinces, that would write property and casualty insurance policies for ten small insurance companies / programs, many of which had existed since the late 1800s.  Those companies / programs were all serving people in the Anabaptist (Amish, Brethren, Mennonite, and Quaker) faith communities.

MAX began issuing insurance policies to protect the members of those programs.  In addition, through a wholly-owned insurance agency subsidiary of MIIMG (MAX Insurance Agency, Inc.), members were able to purchase other lines of coverage, such as commercial, church, and auto coverages, and coverages in states where MAX was not licensed.  Eventually, the Boards of Directors and members of all ten of those companies decided to fully integrate their operations into MAX and to cease their separate insurance company and/or insurance agency existence.  By late 2010, led by the management of MIIMG, the Board of MAX expanded MAX membership eligibility beyond the legacy Anabaptist faith groups to all persons who agreed to MAX’s core shared values of being insured by a company that is fair, faithful, and socially responsible.  Membership in any particular church or faith is no longer required to become a MAX policyholder.

Since that time, MIIMG has led MAX to expand its membership, its agent representation, and its geographic reach.  Today, MAX has roughly 3,000 inforce policies in Missouri and 2,000 in Iowa (nearly 22,000 inforce in 17 states overall).  In addition, MAX Insurance Agency, Inc. has an additional 12,000+ policies placed with other carriers for insureds across the country.

MIIMG also provides services to insurance organizations outside of the MAX family of companies.  For example, MIIMG manages all claims for the Kansas FAIR Plan (with 14,000+ inforce policies) and has assisted the Plan in other areas of its operations, including the management of the implementation of its new policy administration / claims / billing system.  In addition, MIIMG’s marketing staff has developed websites for insurers and agencies, established their social media presence (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, blogging), and provides both insurance-specific and locally-relevant content for their social media sites on a regular basis at the frequency of their choice.

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